Cacoon Hammocks

Imagine being cradled by the warm reassuring comfort of being in a bed or tent. If you can – imagine combining that serenity with the thrill of being swung back and forth by a swing chair…incredible isn’t it? Well, that’s what we thought too when we heard about cacoon hammocks.

Cacoon hammocks are a trend that is redefining what it means to ‘hang out’. Inspired by incredible birds nest structures and intricately woven hanging nests of the weaver bird, the hammock provides so much more luxury than a typical hammock or hanging chair. It provides coziness and more room for two or three companions, depending on their total weight.

What You Should Be Looking For In Cacoon Hammocks

There are a few cacoon hammock choices out there. However, only a handful of them deliver awesome features that you would find quite useful

Weight Limits:

The key to finding a great hammock for your use, is picking one that is guaranteed to provide sufficient support for you and a few others. Cacoon Hammocks are usually durable and strong, but there are weight limits for safety. Single cacoon hammocks support up to 200kg/440lbs in weight. Double hammocks may hold even more weight.


The ideal cacoon hammock should be handy and easy to carry around. Some setups can weigh as little as 7 ounces or as much as a few pounds. Lighter ones are likely to be shorter/narrower than regular hammocks so shop carefully.


 Cacoon hammocks which are too light weight tend to stretch a lot. This often means that you have to position you self diagonally to get the most comfortable position. A few are sturdy enough to keep you from feeling too uncomfortable even when you don’t turn very diagonally.


Some Cacoon hammock packages are accompanied by a few cushions. You may be on the lookout for these. Nonetheless, the absence of a cushion shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Only a few manufacturing companies consider these anyway.


Some cacoon hammocks have a featured called the WeatherShield. The feature enables the hammocks to be both breathable (eliminating most condensation) and water repellent. The hammocks will shed indirect moisture like rain but doesn’t provide any protection against direct moisture.

Where You Can Hang Your Cacoon Hammock

Cacoon hammocks are so versatile and fun that there are a variety of places to hang them from. If you ever imagined carrying your bed or chair wherever you go, this design brings the imagination to life. It blends quite well with various types of gardens homes and landscapes. Its combination of polyester and cotton provide extra strength to that it is easy to suspend and use.

Cacoon hammocks are great indoors. But if you feel a little adventurous – here are a few places you can hang them from.

On a Tree:

It seems like the most generic alternative to the indoors or the porch, but trees are great for air circulation anyway; so why not?

On a Boat/Over a Body of Water:

If you really want to be a spectacle, hang you cacoon on a boat or any height that suspends it over a body of water. You would certainly get a lot of attention from boat owners and kayakers. But most importantly – the serenity is everything. And you can always get a door for the cacoon to secure yourself even further.

At The Beach:

Cacoon hammocks are a great way to stay safe from the sun and get a nice, post-swim nap.

Maybe An Elephants Trunk:

As long as nothing or no one gets hurt – feel free to let your imagination run wild.

Our Favorite Cacoon Hammocks

You can probably already tell that we would love to see you get one of these. There are various kinds you will come across; to ease the burden of selection, we’ve outlined our top picks and reviewed them –

Panda-Pod Cacoon Hammock Chair

Panda pod cacoon hammock chair creates the perfect ambience for any room, backyard or chosen set up. It is made of high quality, durable oxford fabric that is water proof and relatively weather proof, and is certain to give you a great seating and/or napping experience possible.

 Product Specifications

Name: Panda Pod Hanging Cacoon Hammock

Color: Grey

Dimensions: 32 x 9.1 x 8.4 inches

Material: Flexible Oxford Fabric

Item Weight: 10 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds




The Panda Pod Cacoon Hammock is perfect for a wide range of users. It is designed for one adult, but might be used by a kid or two (depending on their various weights). The hammock includes carrying bag and all necessary hardware for set up and installation. And at its price – it is a pretty good deal.

Between its impressive 4.2 out of 5 rating on Amazon, and satisfied customer reviews the cacoon hammock is a clear choice. Nonetheless, there are no loops to hold the ring down; so don’t be disappointed if you try to use the ring and it pops up through the opening and falls inside the pod.

Cacoon Hanging Chair

The Cacoon hanging chair is a single person hanging nest that is perfect to lounge in, read a book or take a memorable afternoon nap.

 Cacoon Hanging Chair - Single

Product Specifications

Name: Cacoon Hanging Chair

Color: Green

Dimensions: 59.1 x 59.1 x 82.7 inches

Material: Polyester and cotton

Item Weight: 10.7 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds (Approximately)





The cacoon hanging chair has a natural canvas feel about it. Its water proof, mold resistant fabric is both perfect for outdoors and reassuringly comfortable. It comes in a strong and easy to hang shape that folds within in self to form a easy to grab-and-go package when needed.

Regardless of its perks however, there are complaints of wearing by users. We would recommend not using it outdoors; unless you don’t mind having to change its fabric every few months.

Double Cacoon Hammock

Quite similar to the cacoon hanging chair above; the double cacoon hammock is also a perfect hanging nest for any activity including naps. It however, is structured to support the weight of more than one person.

Double Cacoon Hammock: Black

Product Specifications

Name: Cacoon Hanging Chair

Color: Black

Dimensions: 70.87 x 70.87 x 70.87 inches

Material: Polyester and cotton

Item Weight: 14.33 Pounds





Perhaps our favorite thing about this double cacoon hammock is that it’s black; and black goes with everything. It also happens to be the cheapest of our picks – and who wouldn’t rather have two places for the price of one?

Ultimately however, double hammocks may take the pressure of the weight of yourself and your significant other – or your Great Dane; but its weight capacity refers to static weight. Any jumping up and down in your hammock will shorten its lifespan and performance.

Final Thoughts

Do not compromise. Great cacoon hammocks are the result of various test procedures and a few other special forces. And our picks are a great place to start looking if you are in search of a quality cacoon hammock that can stand the test of time.

Oluchi Njoku

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