Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair

Egg hanging chairs seem to be a steadily emerging trend of sorts. Yet, regardless of how long they seem to have been existent, you could never quite get used to the idea. Typically, they come off as a comfortable-looking bubble-like mass dangling from a chain, begging for attention.

These kinds of designs are not only brilliant, but they have a compelling element about them. This makes you want to get in as soon as you see it. And surely, there is no better testament to good design than that. Because it is such a fun piece, this reproduction of the egg hanging chair can even change the way you relax – get in your chair and chill your way.

                                                                               Product Specifications

Dimensions: 32×32×39 Inches

Manufacturer: Fine Mod Imports

Weight: 50 Pounds

Color: Red interior and White exterior

Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair

Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair is inspired by an original bubble design that is traced back to Finland. The industrial modernist design of the chair provides for a seating experience that is simultaneously encapsulating and private.


Product Features

The Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair comes in a ball-like shape and upholstered interior which  provides a unique environment. The design remains cutting edge being created 40 years ago – its features remain remarkably interesting;

                                                Accent Chair

Its accent chair doesn’t provide only seating. On the contrary, it is a great way to add a new silhouette, style reference, or color to any room. It is likely not to be left without a happy (and maybe snoozing) occupant.

Acrylic and Chrome Plated Chair

The best thing about acrylic furniture is – well, there is power in transparency. This chairs clear acrylic has the dazzling look of glass which has the useful benefit of being shatter resistant. The material is both durable and airy.

To top things off, its chrome plating gives it a nice shine. The chrome plating also makes it impervious to scratches and yeilds additonal protection again corrosion. This is possible since (we hope) it is thick enough and professionally applied.

Polished Chrome base

Polished chrome is generally known for its high shine and reflective surface. While it is popular for faucets and most kitchen and bathroom hardware that usually takes a good beating of water and/or weight stress – it has been used in this chair to ensure durability and retained strength.

Clear Bubble Color

This quality gives the chair a somewhat futuristic feel. The quality is further emphasized by the fact that the chair itself is acrylic plated. From a design perspective, the transparent chair floating off the ground provides a whimsical feeling of weightlessness.

Egg Shape

The egg shape of the Fine Mod Imports Egg Chair helps to improve its added comfort, provide back support and gives it added flexibility to move back and forth due to its unique shape.


  • Easy Installation:

Both the accompanying chain and the egg chair can be connected with simple installation – this allows for both safe usage and easy set-up. And since it is detachable, you can easily remove it when you do not have any use for it, or store it for future use and transport to various locations.

  • Cutting Edge Design:

The design of the chair is particularly popular in high class areas such as restaurants, business environments and malls; its design is versatile and blends right into its location providing public appeal and sophistication.

  • Timeless Quality:

Its mid-century modern ceiling egg hanging style is timeless and does not go out of style because, no matter how much it is used – as it has been in the last 40 years, it retains a futuristic feel about it that no one seems to be able to get enough of.

  • Polished Chrome

Its polished chrome is both low maintenance and reflective – it is easy to clean, durable and easily matches with other accessories and fixtures.

  • 8ft Chain

The chair is accompanied by an 8ft long chain which further emphasizes the floating feeling it provides since it suspends the chair farther up mid-air.


  • Cushions are a Little Hard

Everybody would pick a soft settee with deep cushions which they can sick into over any strong furniture including wooding chairs or upright furniture for one reason – it is comfy.

But then again, soft sofas are being blamed for the rise in back problems and a fifth of the people who purchase them suffer symptoms such as lower back ache and shoulder strain and while softer furniture might seem more comfortable, psychotherapists discourage their use in the long run because of their tremendous amount of pressure on the back, and the fact that they overstretch the spinal ligaments and increase pressure on the invertebral discs – so, the hard cushions of the Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair may just be a blessing in disguise.

  • Not Particularly Comfortable for Adults

Unless additional support is provided in the form of a joist in the ceiling during set up, adults may have a hard time entrusting their entire weight to the structure of the chair – and its width may not allow for curling up in the manner that they might like.

What People Are Saying About the Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair

While the Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair itself is a new product without much feedback, very related products to the design receive applause from their users.

So, Buy or No?

Buy, buy, buy.

Let’s just put it out there – hanging chairs like the Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair are for the exclusively sophisticated, and not for everyone. So, if you’re willing to take a chance in a piece that is a little over-the-top whose effect is eye-catching and undeniably fun, and have something that you will want to hang out in all day long – this is absolutely and deniably the chair for you.

Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair

Oluchi Njoku

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