Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair

A good picture of your perfect lazy Sunday afternoon is often accompanied by the visualization of being cradled by the comfort of your favorite arm chair, or casually swinging from a hammock in your garden – but it’s usually one or the other; things like reading or browsing the internet are more comfortably done in chairs, and while the hammock provides a narrower list of activities that its use might permit, they are the perfect opportunity to lounge casually and relax, and right off the bat, the Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair gives you the best of both worlds.

While trying to give you relaxation and comfort, the Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair still allows you to enjoy the things you would do in a normal arm chair – so one could easily call this product a lounge swing chair, and it’s a favorite among people who don’t want to give up on the wellness features of the hammock and still get some work, because – if we’re being honest, there is very little you can do while laying around in a hammock besides, just swing.

Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair

                                                                                 Product Specifications

Product Dimensions:  51.8 ×9.5×30.8 inches

Weight: 86 Pounds

Manufacturer: Best Choice Products

Colors: Green, Blue, Orange

Material: Metal, Polyester, Foam.

Occupant Capacity: 1 Person

Canopy Umbrella: Yes


Product Features

Overall, the Hanging chaise Lounger Chair Arc Stand, air porch, swing hammock chair canopy teal is a great swinging chair model that is quite the eye catcher from the start and leaves a bit of an impression on any one at all, its modern and luxurious design assures of a great experience for any user, especially as it has these great features –


One feature of this chair that immediately catches the eye is its integrated canopy which will give you much-need sun protection and is irremovable. First of all, it will prevent your face from burning in the hot sun if you spend a long time in the chair, and this would also assist you if you decide to read a book or use your phone and while sitting in the chair.


Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair

The Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair by Best Choice Products.


This hanging chair is built with a 2-inch-thick-foam-filled PVC-coated polyester cushion with a built-in pillow. It includes a pad, padded armrests and umbrella; everything needed to lounge in ultimate comfort; the chair also includes 3 stabilizing feet to help ensure the chair and base and remain securely on the ground.

Weather Resistance: 

It is weather resistant, which is what most people expect from a porch chair – however, its cushions may need to be removed and taken inside if it starts to rain. This is basically done to preserve the foam the cushions are filled with.

Weight Support:

The metal frame of the model supports up to 265lbs, which makes it somewhat of a heavy duty model in the swinging chair department.

Easy Assembly:

The swinging chair is well designed such that its installation can be equated somewhat to setting up a nightstand for your bedroom.


Pros – and a Few Other Dozen Reasons to Love The Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair

  • The swinging chair offers the sensation of floating. You could put your feet up and simply relax while it sways gently
  • Its waterproof fabric also dries very quickly after the rains or a wash (take note that this doesn’t include the cushions)
  • The high-polyester padding in the cushions that come with the swinging chair are extremely comfortable – it gives the chair the relaxation factor every type of furniture of this caliber needs to have.
  • The umbrella frame/ canopy is detachable – which is ideal for instances where you would rather remove it for indoor use, or attach it to guard against the sun for outdoor use.
  • The lounger chair is made from powder coated 1.5 inch diameter tubular steel, the chair padding and the umbrella are made from durable teal-colored polyester fabric ties for maximum comfort and easy maintenance.


Cons – but not Deal-breakers

  • The canopy is rather small.  Even if you move the chair into a good position, over the course of the day the sun is likely to hit your face from a different angle. This, in itself partially negates the much-need protection the canopy on this swinging chair offers.
  • The chair is extremely heavy.  Moving it requires too much energy, and a significant amount of man power. This is not particularly good for a product that is meant to help you ‘relax’
  • The canopy is not only too small but easily removable.  Clipping it off from the lounge chair is not easy when trying to remove it.
  • Accommodates only one adult – which might prove to be a deal breaker if you intend to snuggle in with.
  • There are complaints of rusting of the metal parts. This could easily be addressed by adding a coat Rustoleum (or anything related) on the painted finish. If you spray inside the tubes and seal the areas where water leaks,  the likelihood of rust is reduced.
  • Again, when it rains, the cushions will get soaked and would take a long time to dry.  Water also gets into the sling and stays in between the cushion and the sling instead of dripping dry. This is because the sling is water proof.  Thus, it is best practice to take the cushions in before it rains (if the chair is outdoors)

Overall, the flaws in the design of the hanging chair is in its execution but everything works quite perfectly

What People are saying about the Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair

The Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair comes highly recommended by Amazon reviewers. It has a 4.3 star rating and only minor complaints of rusting from a few users.

We have graciously included a recommendation for dealing with rust in the ‘cons’ outline above. This should be handy for any metal product that is rust prone.

So, Buy or No?

Absolutely yes.

Nothing will have you relaxed and snoozing like a baby like cradling in your cozy hanging chair that can be set up in any part of the house – both outdoors and inside. It would definitely provide all the things you require for a comfortable lazy day’s rest, not to mention that swinging back and forth from a chair like this one is medically proven to have wellness advantages.

I say it’s worth the splurge.

Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair

Oluchi Njoku

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