Kids Hanging Chair

Kids Hanging Chair

Kids are an absolute joy for a number of reasons. For one, they are the perfect excuse to buy those manigificent and yet adorable pieces of furniture that you would otherwise have no use for; for instance – a kids hanging chair.

Kid décor is a very essential consideration for your child’s health and happiness – while some people may insist that there are things which are more important than kid room furnishings and pieces specifically purchased for kids, a child that is devoid of a calming environment will be a great deal less likely to grow up to a happy and healthy child than one who has been afforded these luxuries.

Hanging chairs are generally a favorite for their ability to soothe, relax, increase concentration and establish balance to the vestibular system because of their swinging motion, however this is just one of the many reasons why you should consider investing in a hanging chair for your kid – here are a few others;

A Kids Hanging Chair is Great for Autistic Kids

While processing everyday sensory information for most people, children with sensory processing disorders as well as those with other developmental disabilities may have a hard time accomplishing this. Thus, swinging in a chair, such as a kids hanging chair helps autistic-spectrum children feel more “in balance”. This is particularly helpful because autistic kids often withdraw to avoid over-stimulation and a hanging chair is the ideal retreat because since they often provide a cocoon-like atmosphere and swing as well.

A Kids Hanging Chair  Encourages Productive Activity

A hanging chair is a perfect way to encourage lounging, reading and relaxing. They are no longer used exclusively outdoors, but also have indoor alternatives that create a cozy nook for any child to complete their assignments, or get some reading done devoid of distractions.

A Kids Hanging Chair is Great for Aesthetics

Kids hanging chairs come in fabulous kid-friendly designs, some of which have playful colors, colorful flowers or cute fabric designed chairs. A lot of these designs may be incorporated into modern, urban or classic décor types – each depending on design preference.

They Help For Easy Cleaning

Kid hanging chairs are particularly great because they only allow for a limited amount of filth and dirt accumulation, unlike the standard chairs. Hanging chairs don’t trap dirt and are a breeze to vaccum underneath or around.

A Kids Hanging Chair Captures the Imagination

There is almost no better gift to give a child than one that suspends from the ground. And when a child realizes that this is what they have in the form of a hanging chair, they will be able to exercise their imagination and as a bonus, the living room furniture as well as the electronics will certainly take a much needed break from the usual chaos given it.

Haven considered a few reasons to delve head-long into an investment such as a kids hanging chair, you might find that making a selection might prove tough; here are our reviews for the best and most recommended hanging chairs for kids –

DIY Hanging Lounge Chairs

DIY Kids Lounging Chair

DIY hanging lounge chairs are especially popular among those that are handy with tools. If purchasing a hanging chair is out of the question, (in regard to budget constraints) then a great alternative is to get creative with this idea made popular by The Merry Thought. Anyone could easily make these sturdy and minimalist canvas chairs that is great to lounge in.

Kid Hammock Chair Swings

The best thing about hammocks is the fact that kids will absolutely love kicking their feet up in them while surrounded by comfy pillows. It’s perfectly styled with lots of plaids, and its mesh like design is perfect to produce the relaxing feeling you’re looking for.  Plus, hammocks usually don’t break the bank.

The Original Club Fun Hanging Hammock Rope Chair


Original Club Fun Rope Hammock Chair

Product Specifications

Color: Red

Material: Fabric

Fabric type: Cotton Polyester

Cushions Dimensions: 18”H × 18”W

Bar Dimensions: 38”W × 1 ¼”D

Rope Chair Dimensions:38”H×35”W×18”W

Weight: 6.3 Pounds



 The Original Club Fun Hanging Hammock Rope Chair appears to be a favorite among Amazon shoppers. It provides the ultimate comfort with the Club Fun Two-Tone hammock which offers the back support. It is easy to disassemble for relocation as well as for assembly since it is both portable and convenient. In the meanwhile, the color is just as gorgeous as it blends into both nature and décor and its ropes and wooden bars create perfect stability when lying or sitting.

The hammock is also raved about for its sturdy and very tightly woven fibers which are comfortable to relax in. Its weight capacity reaches about 265 pounds, and can easily hold more than one child at once.

Kids Hanging Chair

Hanging Nests

 These categories of kids hanging chairs are great because of their ability to provide a ‘cocooned’ effect for children, which mimic a protective embrace. Children across various spectrums often enjoy a feeling of overall pressure.

A further advantage of a kids hanging chair is that for children with sensory integration dysfunction, they are not only a lot of fun and joy but a helpful piece of furniture and they help to provide an experience for these children that may be claustrophobic for neurotypical children.

Sorbus Kids Pod Swing Chair Nook

Sorbus Kid Chair Swing Nook

Product Specification

Color(s): Nook blue, green, pink.

Dimensions: 7.5 x 4 x 12.5 inches

Weight: 2.3 pounds

Material Type: Fabric

Manufacturer: Sorbus



The Sorbus Kids Pod Swing Chair provides a special hang out space for kids. It creates the perfect lounging space and tranquil ambience for the child to read, play, listen to music, nestle into a cocoon or stimulate imagination.

The chair is both easy to install and dismantle for movement to other desired positions. It is also versatile in that it can hang almost anyway, and is accompanied with the necessary pieces to aid set up.

The chair provides an extremely comfortable ride, holding up to 175 pounds for as an adequate support for any child – it’s extremely sturdy hammock straps also works on all kinds of support structures as well.

Kids Hanging Chair

Child Hammock Pod Swing (With Two Straps)Child Hammock Swing With Two Straps

Product Specifications

Color: Blue

Material Type: Fabric

Fabric Type: Cotton

Dimensions: 3.7 x 7.99 x 10.71 inches

Weight: 3.05 pounds



Compared to the single strap design, the double strap alternative is even more solid and reliable when in use. It holds up to 170 pounds in weight and is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

The swing is accompanied by everything required for installation and  set up can be accomplished in a few minutes. It could be attached to the floor ceiling, pull-up bar, tree branch or outdoor swing set.

The high quality of its material allows it to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and the 100% cotton-canvas material is soft and durable. The removable and inflatable cushion inside is made from safe PVC material.

Kids Hanging Chair

Egg Hanging Chairs

Egg hanging chairs are great for everyone, but they are even better for kids because their small frame allows them to crawl in there and snuggle in comfortably for a relaxing time, or to get a few things done.

If minimalist is your style, you cannot go wrong by choosing a contemporary egg hanging chair made of durable fiber glass for your child.

Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair

Fine Mod Imports Egg Hanging Chair

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 32×32×39 Inches

Manufacturer: Fine Mod Imports

Weight: 50 Pounds

Color: Red interior/ White exterior



Fine Mod imports egg hanging chair is inspired by an original bubble design that is traced back to Finland. The industrial modernist design of the chair provides for a seating experience that is simultaneously encapsulating and private – it is designed to hang directly from a ceiling. The Egg hanging comes in a ball-like shape and upholstered interior which cancels out most outside noise and provides a unique environment for mediation relaxation and for just getting away from it all. Its accent chair provides not just seating, but a great way to add a new silhouette, style reference, or color to any room – and it is likely not to be left without a happy (and maybe snoozing) occupant.

Read the full review for the Fine Mod Imports Hanging Chair Here;

Kids Hanging Chair

Clear Hanging Bubble Chairs

Clear hanging bubble chairs are perfect for a little boy/girl’s room. The plus to chairs like this is, it has cushions inside which make them comfortable and it is clear and so visually, it won’t take up much space in a room because you could see right through it.

Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair


Product Specifications

Color: WhiteEero Aerio Bubble Chair for Kids

Weight:  43 Pounds

Dimensions: 45 x 30 x 30 inches

Material Type: Fabric, Acrylic

Fabric Type: Cotton






Not Only is the bubble chair of cutting edge design, it’s ability to be hoisted from the ceiling provides additional swing room for your child, even while retaining the much desired cocoon effect.

From casually dangling from the chair, to engaging in meaningful activity such as reading or getting homework assignments done, this chair is sure to leave any child completely endeared to it.

Kids Hanging Chair

Wrapping Up

While adults have completely yielded themselves to the wonderful past time of snuggling up in a hanging chair to relax, kids and their love for swings make the concept of a hanging chair even more exciting. So, if you want to get the attention of your child, whether it is to engage in meaningful activity or to produce soothing effect from the irrational irritation usually accompanied with child hood, a great hanging chair is a good place to start. Consider choosing on of our recommended options and you will find that you have absolutely nothing to loss by this investment in the leaders of tomorrow.

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