Malibu Creations Cotton Padded Swing Chair

You won’t find luxury roaming the streets in desperate search of someone who would take ownership of it. On the contrary, it is found by those who seek it out. And luxury is not the grandiose display of wealth alone; it is in the simple things, like a warm meal when you need it, and snuggling up in your favorite swing chair and lounging away peacefully.

While you may have outgrown playground swings, the Malibu Creations cotton padded swing chair simply makes up for what you are missing. The chair is particularly perfect for having a lazy glass of wine on your outdoor patio or for introducing a playful element to your child’s bedroom.


 Malibu Creations Cotton Padded Swing Chair Hammock

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Malibu Creations

Dimensions: 52 x 17.75 x 38 inches

Weight: 5.1 Pounds

Material Type: Fabric

Fabric Type: Recycled Cotton

Color: White





Malibu creations cotton padded swing chair provides a charming accent around the home and is equally perfect for outdoor use. It is a relaxing way to retreat for the day, makes a great gift for just about anyone and is made of 100 – percent cotton rope on a wood frame.

Product Features

Overall, the Malibu creations cotton padded swing chair is a great swinging chair model that makes quite an impression without even trying. Its modern and luxurious design assures of a great experience for any user. It is especially remarkable for these features –

Weight Support:

The frame of the model supports up to 200 pounds, which makes it somewhat of versatile model in the swinging chair department.


This swing chair is built with soft cotton padding and integrates a gentle rocking motion; everything needed to lounge in ultimate comfort.  The swing also includes ropy sides to help ensure that you remain securely on the chair.

Easy Assembly:

The swinging chair is well designed such that its installation can be equated somewhat to setting up a nightstand for your bedroom.

Weather Resistance: 

This is what most people expect from a porch chair, that it is weather resistant, but its cushions need to be removed and taken inside if it starts to rain. This is to preserve the padding the cushion is filled with.


  • The swinging chair offers the sensation of floating – you could put your feet up and just relax while it sways gently
  • It is quite easy to assemble, particularly regarding hardware, chains, and
  • Its waterproof fabric also dries very quickly after the rains or a wash (take note that this doesn’t include the cushions)
  • The padding in the cushions that come with the swinging chair is extremely comfort It gives the chair the relaxation factor every type of furniture of this caliber needs to have.


Cons – but not Deal-breakers

  • Accommodates only one adult.  This might prove to be a deal breaker if you intend to snuggle in with someone special.
  • There are complaints of a funky smell when it’s delivered.
  • You might be disappointed if you need something that has a foot rest.
  • The chair only tolerates minimal activity from adults, too much excitement and it may end up falling apart.
  • The strings stretch quite a bit, so you might have to wrap the chair around the bar once or twice so that you do not hit the floor.
  • Again, when it rains, unless removed the cushions will get soaked which takes a long time to dry – and water gets into the sling and stays in between the cushion and the sling instead of dripping dry. So, it is best practice to take the cushions in before it rains (if the chair is outdoors). Unless you don’t mind a little mold on your chair.

Overall, the flaws in the design of the hanging chair is in its execution, but everything works quite perfectly

However, we have written a recommendation for dealing with rust in the ‘cons’ outline above; it would be handy for any metal product that is rust prone.

What People are Saying about the Malibu Creations Cotton Padded Swing Chair

With an impressive 3.9 rating on Amazon, the chair seems to be popular with quite some people. There are a few complaints about durability and the chair getting moldy under the rain, but nothing serious enough to be a deal breaker.

So, Buy or No?


It would provide all the things you require for a comfortable lazy day’s rest. Not to mention, swinging back and forth from a chair like this is medically proven to have wellness advantages. Nothing will have you relaxed and snoozing like a baby like cradling in your cozy hanging chair. Plus, It can be set up in any part of the house – both outdoors and inside.

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