SueSport Hanging Rope Chair

Lately, everyone seems quite concerned with the ways by which they can improve life quality; and increase relaxation and comfort. And what do hanging chairs contribute to your living style but heightened levels of relaxation and comfort?

In times past people attempted to experience the common sense of relaxing by sitting at home or simply relaxing outdoors. But these attempts hardly provide any kind of cozy feeling.  A hanging meets up where these attempts at relaxing default. The SueSport hanging rope chair manages to combine being a favorite piece of furniture and  being a means to obtain an energizing an uplifting effect.  .

SueSport hanging rope chair is not merely a piece of furniture to be sat on, and while buying furniture in general might prove to be a daunting task for the unknowing; especially for the sheer amount to possible choices there are; purchasing a SueSport hanging rope chair may prove to be nothing short of an excellent decision.


 Product Specifications

Manufacturer: SueSport

Dimensions: 40 x 8.5 x 6 inches

Weight: 4.55 Pounds

Material Type: Fabric

Fabric Type: Acrylic Coated Cotton

Color: Blue




The SueSport Hanging rope chair has components and features worthy of note. It is equipped with an elaborate cotton fabric construction as well as two cushions and wood over the bar. It can be assembled and disassembled quite easily; relocated by dint of its lightweight and hung just about anywhere as long as there is an available place to be hung from.  The design is everything one would expect and  perhaps a little more. It is accompanied by 2 cushions and a spreader bar for hanging. Its fabric guarantee durability and sturdiness and its weight capacity of 265 pounds is an added advantage that would accommodate varying weight demands.

Product Features

You’ll immediately notice by looking at it that the SueSport Hanging Rope Chair Swing is an extremely good looking design – it both looks and feels like a comfortable arm chair, and its high quality cushions give a good back and bottom support.

Its exceptional design aside, the chair  is a relaxing place to curl up in . The chairs ropes are so deliberately and precisely positioned that shabby rope work won’t come in the way of the enjoyment by getting you entangled in them.  The SueSport hanging rope chair is designed such that swiveling when being swung is minimized.

While the chair doesn’t come with any hanging hardware, it can easily be set up on any support structure or a chosen c-stand. This makes it easy to relocate and set-up.


  • Easily Assembled

The chair doesn’t require confusing assembly. As far as hanging goes there are essentially two options – indoors or outdoors. While the hardware required differs for different heights, it ultimately requires no than a few minutes for assembly

  • Light Weight & Portable

At between 4.55 – 5.6 Pounds when packaged and disassembled, the chair can quite easily be transported with ease.

  • Great Design

The SueSport Hanging rope chair  is a great addition to any balcony, porch, veranda, patio or just the backyard. It also works quite well in the den or living room. But what is a great piece of furniture if you aren’t showing it off?

  • Comfortable and Relaxing

The chair provides enough space to put up your feet. It’s fabric makes it quite breathable and stretchable and the pillows add additional comfort and support to an already relaxing design.

It is also important to note that its maximum bearing weight is a whooping 265 pounds, and it should hold even the heavier set members of the family.


  • Breakable Over Head Bar

This is often repeated with the majority of the hanging chairs, but  there is no getting used to the fact that there is often no hardware included with the piece, and when there is, it’s usually quite breakable.

Here are a few suggestions that help if you do purchase it; if the chair is to be hung indoors, you may want to screw an eyehook into a joist or run it through, and secure it with a nut and a washer on the other side. Otherwise you can simply use a C-stand; that can be purchased along with the chair or from an independent vendor.

If the set up is outdoors however; particularly on a tree – consider using either a chain with a couple of S hooks or a looped rope with wire gate carabiners; a length of rope and a strong knot should also do the trick, if you do not intend to move it around much.

  • Less Sturdy Because of Thin Ropes

While there is very little you can do to prevent its ropes from becoming worn out, there are a few complaints that the ropes appear thinner. Just be sure to check to make sure they having begun wearing out when they are delivered.


What People Are Saying About the SueSport Hanging Rope Chair

With an impressive 3.9 star rating on Amazon, it is not hard to imagine that quite some users rave about the quality of the chair. Its few cons aside, this is a genuinely great buy; and really who doesn’t have a few cons?


So, Buy or No?

Yes and Yes.

If you are looking for the wind down and relax chair, you will not find a lot of other hanging chairs that will provide you as much comfort as the SueSport Hanging Rope Chair will– from its natural armchair-like design to the additional back support it provides; you’re certain to be making an investment of great value that will certainly improve your general life quality.


Oluchi Njoku

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