Two Person Hanging Chairs

two person hanging chairs

In the utter chaos and confusion of the modern world there are only a few things that compares to the precious moments when you can just steal away and get some rest. But what is even better than getting some rest? Getting some rest while clutching on to the arm of a good friend or a significant other – or even a pet. Thus, two person hanging chairs.

If you are on the quest for some serious hang time, then you should know that a hanging chair is a priority, and this article explains why. However, if you are specifically in the market for a hanging chair with room for more than one, keep reading –

To begin with, there are various types of hanging chairs. Each of them are a symbol of leisure, relaxation and simply – easy living. With regard to the subject of two person hanging chairs, the categories includ


Two Person Hanging Basket Chair

While hanging basket chairs do not much in common with hammock chairs, they are not any less comfortable. They are available in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes so that one can choose according to their particular preference.

This category of two person hanging chairs require that you and your friend or significant order adopt a  normal sitting position however,  and aren’t as soft to the touch as the fabric of the hammock, but are fashioned in an egg-shaped, nest-like design that is encapsulating and comforting.

Here is our pick for the two person hanging basket chair –

Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan Swing Chair

two person hanging basket chair

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Generic

Item Dimensions: 49 x 52 x 82 inches

Weight: 83 pounds

Material Type: Wiker and Rattan

Pattern: Weaving

Color(s): Black or Orange


Egg rattan


The Egg nest shaped wicker rattan swing chair is trust worthy. Its 418 pound weight capacity bears testament to this. Thus, you can snuggle in there comfortably with your significant other, or even a pet or two.

Its synthetic rattan is alternatively regarded as all-weather wicker and is especially designed to be resistant to outdoor elements – this is not to say it will not blend right into any home indoor design as well.

It could easily morph into your favorite lounging space, and from its soft filtering of light, ample shade and generous interior space, you’ll lack nothing with this elegant master piece.

You’ll find the Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan here at the best possible price  Egg rattan

Two Person Porch Swings

Even though they were originally hung from the ceiling of patios and where called porch swings, today there are more options in the market that can be incorporated anywhere at all.

Porch swings are usually wide enough to accommodate even more than two people at once, and they are an ideal when considering two person hanging chairs because they can provide seating for up to three adults at once in some instances, and they have an arm rest at each end.

Here is our top pick for this category of two person hanging chairs;

Handmade Cypress Porch Swing (with Cupholders)

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Handmade

Item Dimensions: 65 x 5.5 x 20inches

Weight: 71 Pounds

Material Type: Wood

Color(s): Brown

5 Foot Hand made cypress porch swing

The beautiful 5 foot cypress porch swing is a favorite for a number of reasons – one of which is; cupholders! Because, who hasn’t thought about swinging back and forth from their chair and sipping something along side? The only thing better than that is the fact that the chair has room for more than one person.

The chair is made from what is considered ‘eternal wood’ and so, you can be rest-assured that it would be around for a long time, thanks to its naturally insect resistant raw material.

Its back is also specially designed to aid lumber support and prevent flipping, even though there is no tailbone slat for additional comfort while seating. All necessary hardware for set up is also included; these include chains, hooks, Etc.

You’ll be suprised at how much it costs; see it here  ————>>>>>>>>>

5 Foot Hand made cypress porch swing

Two Person Hanging Chairs : Hammocks For Two

For hammock lovers, these would be an absolute delight. They are made of cotton or fabric and are a great indoor or outdoor solution because they are breathable, flexible and soft to the touch. These two person hanging chairs will allow you and a loved one relax indoors or in the open air of a garden or camp site. They can be easily set up with trees or stands as support and neither of the users will miss out on the lazy hammock feeling it brings.

If a hammock is what you’re looking for, here is our top pick in the category –

Sorbus Brazilian Double Hammock

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: SorbusSorbus Double Hammock

Item Dimensions: 2 x 13 x 14.5 inches

Weight: 3.53 pounds

Material Type: Fabric

Fabric Type: Cotton

Color: Blue/ Green Stripes



The Sorbus Brazilian double hammock chair  comes in a perfect blend of cotton and polyester fabric which is perfectly knit together to form a guaranteed, beautifully woven material, which is durable and capable of withstanding enormous amounts of pressure.

The versatility of this hammock chair makes it easy to take it various places, and it can be easily hung anywhere – which helps it serve a multitude of functions especialy since its size allows it to easily double as a hammock bed.

It is structured in such a well knit reliable design that it could even support up to a 450 pound weight; which will allow sufficient snuggle room for yourself and your significant other – and maybe even a pet to accompany. And given that you are willing to expend a decent amount of time to take care of it, the hammock will hang around for years to come.

And considering all these wonderful qualities, it should probably cost more than it does –>>Sorbus Double Hammock

Two person kid hanging chairs

If you aren’t already certain why you might need this, read our article on Kids Hanging Chairs here, and you will get sufficient insight.

Kid hanging chairs are a favorite for their ability to soothe, relax, increase concentration and establish balance to the vestibular system because of their swinging motion. Thus, there is almost no better gift to give a child than one that suspends from the ground. And when a child realizes that this is what they have in the form of a hanging chair, they will be able to exercise their imagination and as a bonus, the living room furniture as well as the electronics will certainly take a much needed break from the usual chaos given it.

Here is our top pick in this category;

Original Club Fun Hanging Hammock Rope Chair

two person kids hanging chair

Specificationstwo person kid hammock

Color: Red

Material: Fabric

Fabric type: Cotton Polyester

Cushions Dimensions: 18”H × 18”W

Bar Dimensions: 38”W × 1 ¼”D

Rope Chair Dimensions: 38”H×35”W×18”W

Weight: 6.3 Pounds

 The Original Club Fun Hanging Hammock Rope Chair appears to be a favorite among Amazon shoppers. It provides the ultimate comfort with the Club Fun Two-Tone hammock which offers the back support. It is easy to disassemble for relocation as well as for assembly since it is both portable and convenient. In the meanwhile, the color is just as gorgeous as it blends into both nature and décor and its ropes and wooden bars create perfect stability when lying or sitting.

The hammock is also raved about for its sturdy and very tightly woven fibers which are comfortable to relax in. Its weight capacity reaches about 265 pounds, and can easily hold more than one child at once.

Nothing will make your child as happy as a gift that suspends them will; you can’t put a price on happiness —->>>>  two person kid hammock

Now, What?

Its not nearly enough to have preached such a long sermon as to why you should already have a two person hanging chair if you aren’t going to do anything about making a purchase. So, if you haven’t already, make choice and purchase one of our independently chosen editorials picks. Because, really – what’s better than swaying gently in the comfort of a hanging chair? Doing it with your friend or significant other, that’s what.



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